Good morning,  This past weekend ( August 29th) we had bridal bouquet emergency. My husband and I drove up from Nova Scotia, on Friday, with our daughters bouquet for her Saturday wedding. We put her flowers in the fridge at the motel ( as instructed). Saturday morning as I was getting something out of the fridge I moved the flowers, and gasped. The back half of the bouquet was DEAD! It must have been too cold... we desperately searched the web for the closest florist. We arrived at your doorstep at 9:55, as soon as your door was open we ran for it. I cannot say enough or thank-you enough for what you did that morning for us. My daughter was in tears and wouldn't leave the car for fear you wouldn't be able to help us. You were able to recreate exactly ( actually improve upon) her bouquet. We were again on our way within half an hour, with a gorgeous new hydrangea wedding bouquet!!!! Thank-you so very much, 

Sincerely, Miriam Bennett ( Mother of an extremely THANKFUL Bride)