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Step into our cozy shop you will be greeted with the beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers, smiles and enthusiasm
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On August 5th, 2009,

I made a HUGE life decision to become an entrepreneur. Two short months later on, October 8th, 2009, Sandra Miller Floral Designs blossomed.

Everyday I come into the shop I do with the same enthusiasm that I did back when I started in the business as a young girl. There have been a lot of changes in the floral industry and I believe that we have the winning combination of beautiful product, unique presentation and superior customer service which sets us apart.

When you step into our cozy shop you will be greeted with the beautiful fragrance of fresh flowers, smiles and enthusiasm. Whether you are placing an order for delivery or to take something with you, you can be confident in knowing you are sending the best.

Our Super Fun Team Members

These people have contributed immensely to our Growth
Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller

Owner / CEO

I love getting creative with pretty things. I love to get to know our customers, connecting and serving them on a personal level. I have been in love with flowers since a young child. I realized early on, when I started at Peacocks in 1991, that I wanted to be around flowers for the rest of my life. Along with surrounding myself with beautiful things, I surround myself with beautiful people.

Two of which are my husband Glenn (whom you may run into during busy seasons doing deliveries) and my son Travis, they keep me grounded. The other is Jen, she keeps life fun and full of laughter. We work hard but man we can laugh! So much creativity and service tucked under one little roof. It’s my life, my love, my passion.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” – Abraham Lincoln


Floral Designer

For as long as Jen can remember she loved to be creative. By divine intervention, Jen joined the team in 2012. The freedom to express and create makes coming to work every day so awesome.

The beauty of flowers has become a passion; she especially loves working with brides to create a unique and personal wedding. Jen loves coming to work every day and working with the SMFD team. Jen couldn’t ask for a better teacher, mentor and collaborator than Sandra.

Aside from SMFD, Jen has the cutest daughter in the world. She is also an Interior Decorator, a yogi and a lover of good wine, good food, good books, good laughs and more good wine.



Floral Designer

Becca is a fun-loving, hardworking millennial from Hampton. Her favorite season is spring, and she loves to get creative. Her favorite side-kick is her puppy, the forever energised Jack-Chi, Joey!

Becca became part of the SMFD team in March of 2018. She loves spending her time at the shop with the girls no matter what the day holds! Learning about design and expanding her horizons, Becca can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.